Dr. Ramaiah Naidu Awards

In India, medical physics activities started in the mid 40s with the appointment of Dr. Ramaiah Naidu as the first medical physicist at the Tata Memorial Hospital, Bombay with a responsibility to set up and operate a radon plant for cancer treatment. Today there are more than 800 medical physicists in the country.

Every year AMPI confers Dr. Ramaiah Naidu Oration award at the Annual Conference. You can find the list of awardees below

List of Awardees
SN Name Address Date & Year Conference
1 Prof. A.Dutreix Honorary Head of Physics Dept., Institute Gustave, Roussy, Villejuif, France. 8th Sept’1992 Int. Conf. on Medical physics & Rad. safety
2 Dr. A.V.Lakshmanan
Director, Administration Cancer Institute, Adyar Chennai. 2nd Oct’ 1993 14th Annual Conf. of AMPI
3 Dr. Jurgen Rassow Inst. for Medical Radiation Physics, University Hospital Essen, Germany. 8th Nov’1994 15th Annual Conf. of AMPI
4 Dr. M.R.Raju
Life science division, Los Alamos Ntional Laboratory, los Alamos, New Mexico 87545 8th Nov’1994 16th Annual Conf. of AMPI
5 Dr. P.S.Negi
R.G.C.I & R.C 13th Dec’1996 17th Annual Conf. of AMPI
6 Dr. Peter R.Almond
M.D.Anderson Cancer Center, USA. 13th Nov.1997 18th Annual Conf. of AMPI
7 Dr. Colin G.Orton
Karmanos Cancer Institute and Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan,USA 6th Nov’1998 19th Annual Conf. of AMPI & Int. Conf. Med Physics
8 Dr. S.J.Supe Ex-Scientific Officer
11th Nov’1999 20th Annual Conf. of AMPI
9 Dr. U.Madhvanath
Ex-Head ,DRP,BARC, Bombay
Ex-Vice-President & President-IOMP (1988-94), Ex-President-IUPESM(1994-97)
Bangalore 560078.
Ph: (91)80-26962132
EMail: madhvanath@gmail.com
9th Nov’2000 21st Annual Conf. of AMPI
10 Dr. K.Ayyangar
Dept. of Radi .Onc, University of Nebraska Medical Centre, Omaha Nebraska, USA 26th Nov.2001 22nd Annual Conf. of AMPI & Int. Conf. Med. Physics & Rad. Safety
11 Dr. P.S.Iyer
Ex-Head, RPhD,BARC 15th Nov.2002 23rd Annual Conf. of AMPI
12 Dr. U.Quast Prof. Department of Radiotherapy, University Hospital ,Essen ,Germany 7th Nov’2003 24th Annual Conf. of AMPI
13 Dr. K.S.Parthasarathy
Secretary, AERB, Mumbai 28th Oct’2004 25th Annual Conf. of AMPI & Silver Jubilee AMPI conf. (ICMP 2004)
14 Dr. K.R.Das Peter Mellcum Cancer Inst. Melbourne, Australia 7th Nov 2005 26th Annual Conf. of AMPI
15 Dr. B.R.Paliwal
University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI, USA 9th Nov 2006 27th Annual Conf. of AMPI
16 Dr. G.S.Pant Professor of Med Phys
AIIMS, New Delhi.
2nd Nov 2007 28th Annual Conf. of AMPI
17 Shri P.S.Viswanathan
Ex-Head, Deptt. Of Med. Phys., TMH, Mumbai 26th Nov 2008 29th Annual Conf. of AMPI & ICMP-2008
18 Dr. B.Ahluwalia Professor Emeritus, USA 21st Nov 2009 30th Annual Conf. of AMPI
19 Dr. A.S.Pradhan
Mumbai, India 18th Nov 2010 31st Annual Conf. of AMPI
20 Dr. A.Shanta
Mumbai, India 16th Nov’2011 32nd Annual Conf. of AMPI
21 Prof. Dr. R.Ravichandran
Chief Physicist, National Oncology Center, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman 3rd Nov’ 2012 33rd Annual Conf. of AMPI
22 Shri U.B.Tripathi
Mumbai, India 13th Nov’2013 34th Annual Conf. of AMPI
23 Dr.Anil Kumar Sharma
Long Beach Memorial Center, USA 20th Nov’2014 35th Annual Conf. of AMPI
24 Prof. Indra J. Das
Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis, USA 20th Nov’2015 36th Annual Conf. of AMPI
25 Dr. M.M Rehani
Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA 18th Nov’2016 37th Annual Conf. of AMPI
26 Dr. P Gopalakrishna Kurup
4th Nov’2017 38th Annual Conf. of AMPI