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JOURNAL OF MEDICAL PHYSICS is the official journal of Association of Medical Physicists of India (AMPI). The association has been bringing out a quarterly publication since 1976. Till the end of 1993, it was known as Medical Physics Bulletin, which later became a journal.

The main objective of the Journal is to serve as a vehicle of communication to highlight all aspects of the practice of medical physics. The areas covered include radiation dosimetry, treatment planning systems, quality assurance, clinical investigations of new modalities and follow-up, radiation protection of workers and public, radiation effects, accidents and emergencies, diagnostic modalities (X-ray diagnostic radiology, CT, MRI, ultrasound etc) and investigations in radio-biology including hypothermia.

JOURNAL OF MEDICAL PHYSICS publishes articles broadly concerned with the application of experimental or theoretical physics to human health care. Contributions in the categories of editorial, state-of-the-art review article, original research article, letter to the editor, report on conference, book review and abstract of PhD thesis of AMPI member. All papers are peer reviewed.

The Board of Editors constitutes internationally known medical physicists from both developing and developed countries. Authors are invited to send their manuscripts to the Resident Editor. All efforts are made to provide a copy of the journal to each subscription members of the Association. In view of the postal problems experienced, efforts are also in progress for arranging to post the future copies of the journal at the AMPI website. Members may be permitted to download the journal for their professional use. The journal may also be subscribed for libraries.

Visit Journal of Medical Physics, India